New Year's Eve

What a fun evening to celebrate the end of 2016 & the beginning of 2017. Kay Ryan and her worker-bees decorated the ballroom with top hats, sparklers, leis and noisemakers all adding to the festivity of the evening. Al Folkman was the DJ for the evening and kept the 140 plus dancers on the floor. To add some crazy fun to the evening he added the Chicken Dance and the Macarena to the list of dances. Many of the guests joined in for that fun. Some of the Sunday Dance Class members did the Bolero and Viennese Waltz again much to everyones pleasure. Frank & Jennifer also did a feisty foxtrot which left everyone laughing and clapping. 

Food was plentiful with croissant sandwiches, miniature cheesecakes, veggies and fruit along with lots of other goodies. Many thanks to Kay and her committee for another fantastic dance.