Cinco de Mayo 2017

The Cinco de Mayo social was held on May 6th at Champion. Attendance was a bit lower than usual due to the rainy evening. The social was hosted by Anne Saul. Ines Plikshe and Jeannie Holmes. The ballroom was colorfully decorated with pinatas on each table. Many thanks to Kay Ryan & Nancy Ross for handling the reception desk and to DJ Rose Madrid for a wonderful selection of music. Mark Chapman announced all the evening events. There were two Sunday Class demonstrations: Quickstep and Paso Doble both of which came off perfectly. Latifah Mcguinness also led a floor full of energetic people to a Mambo line dance, supported by Cindy Perry, Ann V. and Denise White. Muchas Gracias to all who helped and to all who participated in the dance demonstrations. Our Cinco de Mayo fiesta was muy fantastico.

Written by Denise White (with slight editing by Judy)

Photos by Hui Ling Han