​"So Much to Be Thankful For"

What a wonderful evening of celebration and dance. Alberta Valentini, our Queen-elect was crowned in a beautiful ceremony with all the other chapter Queens in attendance. Alberta was beautiful in a sage green gown along with her dashing husband, Peter. They did a beautiful waltz to Josn Grobin's song "Thankful". The arch and ballroom were decorated in Southwestern theme and colors. Live succulent plants were on silver trays and placed in the center of each table with colored glass stones on the trays as well. Each attending Queen was given a plant as a thank you from Alberta and the chapter.The food was catered by Ranch Events and was delicious as it usually is. There was plenty of cake and fruit and we were able to share it with the dance class as well as serve it at the Queen's Brunch Sunday morning. 


Mark & Kao did a beautiful medley for the Honor Dance. Alex and Irina Chalkevitch did an outstanding professional show with an International Waltz and Tango. Everyone really enjoyed the show. Many kudos to Al & Rose for the great music and to all the members who helped make this event a masterpiece of the Coronation weekend. 

The Queen's Brunch was held at the conference room of he Valentini residence in La Jolla. Unfortunately there was rain as guests were arriving but it did stop & the sun shined by the time everyone left. Once exciting piece was when the caterers set off the smoke alarm and we had to go outside. On a good note we were able to see a pod of whales cavorting off shore. 

Please note that I am unable to rotate photo at the time.