"Dance With Joy"

The Coronation of Queen-Elect Elizabeth Tarnove on March 4th was an evening of beauty and fun. Liz chose turquoise as her color and the peacock for her logo. The theme was "Dance With Joy" which represented her love of dance as well as her middle name of "Joy". The Coronation was done differently with the Queen's and their escorts circling the ballroom and intertwining some before taking their seats. It was a beautiful affect and added to lot to the ceremony. Many thanks to Victor Lee of the L.A. chapter for his unique choreography. After Liz was crowned as the San Diego chapter Queen the Honor Dance, a fun Tango, was done by Frank Lacson & Jennifer Ethridge-Fan. Dinner was catered by Cupid's Catering and was delicious. Later in the evening entertainment was provided by Dave Saul and Irina Chalkevitch who did a beautiful American Tango that was enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to the Chair Persons: Caron Schattel, Shirley McCloskey and Kay Ryan for the great job they did. For those members who were unable to attend you missed a fun party with lots of time for dancing as well as beautiful music.