Convention page 3

Sunday afternoon found many of the attendees wearing red, white and blue to celebrate the "4th of July". It made for a colorful group of dancers. More 1 & 2 dance competitions were held as well as another Jack & Jill contest. Sunday evening everyone was on their own for dinner followed by the "Mardi Gras" themed formal party. Professional entertainment was provided by Jonathan Atkinson and Lorena Bravo who did 2 more beautiful dances for a very appreciative audience. The final 3 & 4 dance competitions were held with 3 couples from San Diego dancing their best. What a wonderful sight to see. The Monday morning breakfast was fun. The Golden Gate chapter did their convention invitation presentation skit "Viva Las Vegas". It will be held on September 1st through September 4th, 2017 at the newly renovated San Francisco Airport Waterfront Marriott. The culmination of the breakfast was the awarding of the beautiful trophies to all of the wonderful competitors. San Diego, as usual brought home lots of trophies. WHAT A WAY TO END A FUN CONVENTION!